Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Designer wastepaper bin

We have unattractive wastepaper bins - cheap and nasty looking. Our lives would be better if we upgraded.

Our rubbish deserves better.

And here are two bins which tickled my fancy:

image from here

The above image is the Bin Bin made by Essey and manufactured in Germany. Designed by John Brauer, this bin is meant to look like its contents, crushed paper. It retails from about $40 to $70 in Australia. Snazzy!
Image from here

The above bin just delighted me. It is from the Classique Collection line which won an Australian International Design Award in 2003 (it's even in the Powerhouse Museum Collection). 

The bin is designed by Design+Industry Pty Ltd and manufactured by Snaith Industries - Australian made and designed. It was made to successfully compete in the mass consumer market against cheap imported household products. The collection also produces a storage container, laundry hamper and laundry basket. You can read all about the virtues of these products here.

The wastepaper bin costs around $10 or less and is available at Target, BigW and Woolworths. You may well own a designer bin and not even know about it.  

That's truly good design within reach.


  1. They are both really nice. Ugly bins are one of my (many, admittedly) Pet Peeves. I usually use cane baskets, but they are not that easy to clean. And after all, I need them in every room of the house otherwise my daughter secrets her rubbish in unmentionable places. xoxo

  2. Ohmylord....! I own a designer washing basket.

    I knew my laundry (correction, laundry cupboard) had some positives..... thank you for making me look at it with more love. Happy bin shopping! A x

  3. I do like that first one...the second one has good credentials and you can't beat that price but it is a tad "how's your father" as my family would say. I like the Casala ones that are plain sleek hard plastic cylinders, cheers Katherine

  4. I like the first ones... sort of remind me of crumpled paper....

  5. Yes, the Casala bins are good. I just thought it was funny that you could get award winning designer homeware from BigW...who knew?

  6. Definitely the first! Though, of course, good design should always be affordable and utilitarian! If it's too expensive it's just being pompous to make the designer feel good.

    Shame that bins get dirty though ... but that's the cold-hard world of domesticity, I suppose.

  7. I like the first version. One should be stylish when it comes to rubbish :-)

  8. I do fancy the first one. This post made me realise that I have never owned a waste paper basket. Is that a bit weird? :)

  9. I really like the first bin. If a bin can't be beautiful I prefer it to be hidden! Who would have thought that the last bin was designer and available at Target?! Thanks for sharing. Michelle

  10. The first ones would have to be my favourites and it would have to be the red one.
    Your impressive and really interesting research skills constantly amaze me! The Mistress of research you are!
    Cheers, Pam

  11. yep, got to love functional good design that doesnt require a second mortgage. cool post!

  12. These are wonderfully tasteful. Mine are made of toile with a tasseled ribbon trim and sequins. They play light opera and flash a light when they sense the weight of a piece of rubbish being thrown in. Well, no, but a blogger can wish.

  13. I love the first one and nearly bought it last month! It looks good and is a decent size.

  14. That first bin is a take off from Kikki-K.


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