Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Green Bin hope

Our efforts in the yard last weekend produced yet another enormous pile of green waste. This happens frequently when Jason works in the garden. He specialises in remorseless plant removal.

remnants of a wild Duranta Geisha Girl (she was more Sumo than Geisha in her size) and general tree prunings.

I hate these green piles. They are a haven for snakes and we don't have any screens and, if you don't already know, I dislike reptilian company.

You won't see me in Australia Zoo chanting, "Crikey! Crocs rule."

Imagine my delight when this sight appeared on our footpath this afternoon.

Notice the sparkle around the Green Bin lid. It's a sign.

The much anticipated Green Bin - fortnightly green waste removal courtesy (at an extra cost) from the Brisbane City Council.

I'm in green waste heaven.

It may take a couple of weeks to get rid of the pile, but that's okay. The plan is to garden more regularly, rather than this binge gardening habit we've developed.

You're never too young to learn how to bring in the bins


  1. Oh, Stop! Look at that little person and that big bin! The shame ... I love the nappies. Too funny!

  2. These should be mandatory everywhere. The bins, not necessarily the nappy clad munchkins :)

  3. Don't forget to split your rubbish. That trellis has to go in hard rubbish bnot your green bin. And no I do not work for the Brisbane City Council part time.

    I know, why not upcycle it. Turn it into an INSPIRATION BOARD. That is, after you have de-snakified the pile underneath it. Do you really get snakes there? Nothing could survive down here at the moment.

  4. The neighbours in our area all run around on the day of rubbish collection and put any extra rubbish in each others bins if there is room. very funny to watch. I think the green bins are good. I wish they would weekly collect the yellow bins.

  5. I want one of those chompers that can shred anything for mulch and compost. Trouble is I don't have room for one, or the throughput, but wouldn't it be satisfying to feed that whole pile in and end up with something useful?

  6. They're great. Our council takes our green waste too - it's munched up and people can buy it for mulch, great recycling. We have one of those chompers too which are great when we're doing a lot of pruning.

  7. Oh I'm jealous! That's such a fabulous idea. I have so much green waste we often have to take visits to the tip as you can only mulch so much of it.

  8. I am so glad that you have finally received your green bin. Let me know when your 'binge gardening' behaviour changes as I would like to know how you do it. :)
    Have a great and rather warm day!

  9. thats a sweet bin. we just got new ones like that for recycle. its awesome

  10. I love the land of the green bin! We don't have a green one- only yellow and the normal it's the ute for our piles. Enjoy the gardening! Emma. xx

  11. It looks as though Jason has chopped down a whole forest - definitely sumo sized. Thank goodness we don't have snakes in NZ. I'd be very nervous collecting that greenery up. LOve the photo of your wee one & the bin!


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