Thursday, 16 December 2010

Asbestos Removal and the talented Mr Rooney

Mr Rooney, our builder of many talents, is licensed to remove asbestos.

And that is what he did this morning at the Sow's Ear. The fibro sheeting in the sunroom was removed in preparation for the installation of the new old windows.

Here is a pictorial of the morning:

Asbestos removal sign
Mr Rooney barricaded the area and hung out his shingle.

Mr Rooney in his lovely outfit
Mr Rooney suited up in his disposable white coveralls. I swear he would've been singing Suspicious Minds a la Elvis, if it wasn't so disgustingly hot and humid today. He has a nice lower register.

Thick black plastic is used to contain any dust.
Image courtesy of Mr Rooney

Thirsty work
Mr Rooney's beverage of choice before he commenced work on this hot day was Powerade.

Old lino on the floorboards.
image courtesy Mr Rooney

There were remnants of old green lino which Mr Rooney discovered when he removed the fibro sheeting.  Interesting to see an image of house history, now long gone in an asbestos bin somewhere.

Unsheeted walls in the sunroom

The walls are now denuded of their old fibro lining. They will remain like that until Mr Rooney returns, which is most likely after Christmas.

After the storm

Not long after Mr Rooney left, a massive electrical storm hit over Brisbane. The rain came in at all different directions and it became eerily dark at 1.30pm. Buster the budgie's cage was blown over and smashed during the storm, but he's okay.

You know it is a bad storm when the undercover deck is completed saturated and your budgie is blown off his perch!!


  1. At least that storm has kept the (asbestos) dust down, Bris!

  2. How multitalented Mr Rooney is. Will he be thrifting the asbestos on to the Sisters...?

  3. That made me laugh! Maybe Buster could find a job as a storm-o-meter... Poor Buster: what a shock...

  4. Poor Buster!! Is there anything that Mr Rooney doesn't do???

  5. Asbestos. Is there a more damned product? Scary stuff.

    Wasn't that storm a corker?! I had screaming children and flying chairs ... the deaf poodle slept through it all.

    Glad Buster's okay. Phew! What a day for you!

  6. Anita, could I be so bold as to ask you to pop over to my blog and maybe support my girl power concept if this think it is a good idea? I feel such an urgency to get this started. Especially this time of year...

  7. This is something that can vital while you are going moderate your house


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