Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Vivianna Cutlery

I've been wasting time coveting cutlery on the Georg Jensen website because that's what one does 16 days before Christmas.

One of my all time favourite cutlery designs is by Swedish  designer Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube for Georg Jensen.

It is called Vivianna and was designed in the 1990s.

It is the knife design which I love best.

Notice how it can be rested on either its flat side or on its edge.

This is what I would choose to give as a present for a wedding or engagement. But that doesn't happen very often since most people have a bridal list or a money-tree these days.

(We bought a two person set anyway for one couple who asked for cash...I hope they didn't sell it on ebay!!)


  1. If they sold your present on ebay, give me their address and I'll go 'round to their house and slap them.

    (I keep asking for a Georg Jensen bangle ... it's yet to appear. I have two more Law subjects to complete before I just go out and buy it for myself!)

  2. ooo thats some pretty sassy stuff... like the knife

  3. Much much nicer than my KMart set, I must say!

  4. ohh yes please - count me in and thanks matey for dropping by the third - nice to see you : have a great chrissy best le

  5. I long to upgrade our cutlery (they were purcahsed off some Irish backpackers leaving Sydney about 13 years ago), and a stylish version like this would fit the bill perfectly. I like my knife and fork to feel weighty in my hands, and smooth. Great taste!

  6. Yes very sexy... you should check out eBay for other silly people who may be selling off wedding presents...I like old cutlery that is all worn down and the brass is showing through the ep silver coating...I don't know why I think maybe I like the idea of all the meals they have been a part of. I don!t use this anymore though because the kids think I am a hillbilly. I also like bone handled knives with square handles. Xx katherine

  7. Oh no, I'm already engaged and married; am I too late to receive this lovely set and sell it on ebay? No no, I wouldn't. The knife is perfect; it seems to curtsey most gracefully.

  8. Oh to buy my own cutlery set! We're using one Hubby won at penant golf a zillion years ago whilst sitting up in the cupboard is an ok Villeroy & Boch set we got with the purchase of our dishwasher. It's crazy not to have opened it yet but I just don't want to put it in with the old cutlery. Ridiculous thinking I know. I used to love drooling at the window displays in the Georg Jensen shop at Chadstone ... oh lovely salad bowl!

  9. Gorgeous. I have my eye on a beautiful Georg Jensen wide mouthed vase. I guess I'll only ever have my eye on it, never my hands....I can but live in hope! Meredy xo


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