Monday, 6 December 2010

Stylish step ladders

We need a taller step ladder because I can't reach the very top cupboards in our kitchen or bedrooms.

But standard step ladders aren't terribly pretty.

I did find a few that I've put on my Christmas wish list to Santa.

Tiramisu - Kartell by Andries Van Onck designed in 1991
I don't know how much it costs...
image from here

This is the knock-off version at $149...(was that thunder I just heard and a bolt of lightening I just saw?)
image from here

Trappestigen step ladder. It retails for $795 at Great Dane.
image from here

Ultraslim Aluminum Step Stool. They fold into nothing! Retails US$149
Sadly, this is unavailable in Australia
Image from here
Heaven from Swedese designed by Thomas Bernstrand
image from here
Australian importer information here

I've got my eyes peeled for old industrial or timber step ladders too, because they will probably be more affordable.

There is definitely a gap in the step ladder market. If only I was an industrial designer, I would develop a hyper-stylish but affordable step ladder and make short people in Australia happier.

Why can't utilitarian step ladders ike the one below be more attractive?

This one retails for $99
image from here

p.s Please don't forget my Christmas giveaways.


  1. I completely agree. One of those gaps in the market. I like the dark wood one the best. I BET it is the most expensive. We have an old vintage wooden one we bought years ago. We use it all the time...

    By the way loved your recycled bag wrapping. I have to say I LOATHE the waste of wrapping paper and it is such a rip off - $5.95 for a big square. I actually often wrap in brown paper or newspaper and make the ribbons nice. I also think Christmas cards on presents are a waste of paper. A bit extreme I know but there you have it.

  2. Wow, almost $800 for a step ladder! I like those vintage ones that are a seat with a step that flip out. I also love old tmber ones which reminds me I haven't fixed mine up yet :)
    Oh, and don't forget the handy Ikea one, very sturdy and super cheap, though maybe not high enough for your needs :)

  3. Wow - I feel a couple of steps closer to being a really trendy handyman.

  4. I knoe exactly what you mean. I need something to help me reach the top shelves in the cupboards and the elcheapo ladder I bought is noe relegated to the shed as it left dozens of indentations in the wood floors in the kitchen. Hopeless.
    I like that ultrslim one..very stylish.


  5. PS, if only I could spell correctly...sorry 'bout that

  6. Hi Anita, love the ladder selection and fortunately this is not an issue for me. We did however purchase one similar to the ultra slim aluminum one from Bunnings a few years ago and use it in our camp trailer to get in and out of bed. It folds very flat and is just right for storage when camping etc... Good luck! ;-)P.S Definite thunder and lightening out this way too.

  7. Hiya, fyi, I have a vintage step stool with steps that flip out from underneath on ebay right now, the auction finishes tonight and its still at 99 cents. Needs a lot of work though and it may not be what you're looking id is kitty_cat.123

  8. You should just come and choose one (old industrial) from down the side of my house lovie and then paint it or put on some estapol. xx Katherine

  9. I love that one from Great Dane!

    What about a cute pet monkey who cute fetch things for you? No need for a ladder then.

  10. I love the idea of an old industrial one. But finding one is not so easy. I'm forever dragging a chair around here at our place.

  11. Ha ha, I thought at first glance it was some sort of exercise machine. Then I read on. I agree, some are vile. I am all for the pretty stylish step ladders.


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