Saturday, 4 December 2010

Kevin McCloud and repurposing a shopping bag

Tomorrow, we're having Jason's family over for lunch to celebrate his Mum's birthday.

We bought her this book at her request. She must be a fan of Grand Designs.

I had a quick flick through it. It's basically Kevin's dogma about living a well-considered and sustainable life in the 21st century. It would actually be a good read from what I could see.

The wise words of Kevin
From my brief scan of the book, there was an emphasis on repurposing everyday materials. Well, this is right up my alley.

So channeling Kevin, I found an old paper shopping bag. Jason's Rhodes and Becketts shirt buying habit has ensured we have an endless supply of black cardboard shopping bags which I save for a rainy day. (Forgive my depression-era mentality!!)

I just dismantled it at the seams, took off the handles and used it as wrapping paper.

These bags make great wrapping paper. Large, thick and sturdy. And perfect for wrapping Kevin's manifesto. I made the shiny logo part the inside of the wrapping.

opened up shopping bag

Black parcel. I just need to trim the ends of the ribbon!

And now we have a stylish matte black parcel, perfectly appropriate for its contents.

(It also solves the problem of completely running out of wrapping paper that wasn't Christmassy!!)

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  1. Very stylish indeed. I love Kevin McCloud, I especially love his voice and really enjoy Grand Designs. Jason's mum is very lucky to receive this book she will be able to read it with Kevin's voice in her head.

  2. Very elegant. I am a big grand designs fan but admit sometimes I find old Kevin a bit pompous. I do like what he says in the snippet you show, hope you have a lovely day, are you making one of your yummy cakes? Cheers Katherine

  3. Katherine, I'm making an enormous citrus tart.xx

  4. Now I like that idea - because I am a hoarder and hate jettisoning anything.

  5. Brismod, I'm so proud of you for some reason! I think it is the Depression-mentality in me!

    We do watch Kevin ... he sits on the fence and always finds something nice to say about the houses ... as opposed to a Gordon Ramsay-type presenter.

    I love your wrapping paper ... so thrilled with it because it only ends up in the bin anyway.

    Jason's mum seems super stylish! I'd enter your giveaways more-than-once if I could!

  6. I like 'Principle 34' - that could apply to a lot of humans too.

  7. Ah Kevin, I love him and my husband hates him... not sure why.

    I was a little concerned that you might be re-purposing a plastic Coles shopping bag when I saw the post title - I did wonder what you could be thinking...! Of course then I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't the Coles-type bag as they're multiplying in my cupboard faster than I can re-use them as rubbish bags... there's a challenge for you...

  8. I like the idea of allowing things to patinate...I think it's happening to me far quicker than I'd like though! But Kevin can do no wrong in my book. Talking about recycling. I was browsing Martha yesterday and she used chip bags as wrapping paper. Opens them up, washes them, turns them inside out and voila, shiny silver paper! Actually, I'm sure it's not Martha herself doing that, but you know... Hope your MIL enjoys her book :)

  9. I like Kevin but he can sometimes be a bit sarcastic (and I'm not...). The parcel looks very impressive. I have such a difficult time throwing out those nice shopping bags and tend to hoard them as well :)

  10. I love this idea and always recycle wrapping paper and bags where I can. No point throwin them out whn they're prefectly good.

    Love Kevin too... you've given me a great idea for a gift
    Thanks Brismod

  11. I've just come across your blog and really enjoy it. It's great to find a Brisbane blog about houses and interiors. Keep up the great work!

  12. That is beautifully wrapped Anita. I like your depression-era mentality. As long as you don't start re-using foil and cling wrap as my kids Great Grandmother is prone to do; you're okay in my books! Seriously looks very stylish!!

  13. What a great idea with the shopping bag, will have to keep that in mind. I agree it does look super stylish.

    ahhhh Kevin McCloud, love that man.

  14. Love love love Kevin McCloud!!! Great idea with the bag and the pressie looked very swish!! Terese

  15. Very stylish indeed, and hello dear Kevin, but I have seen the word 'giveaway' and must dash.

  16. I hope the party for your MIL was a huge success! I bet she loved that fabulously wrapped gift!

    Did you see the special Kevin did on India a few weeks ago on ABC? It was fascinating!

    Have a great week. Yay for the holidays!

    Best wishes,

  17. Gotta love Kevin - that sexy beast..



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