Sunday, 12 December 2010

Painting in the rain

Brisbane weather is wet, wet, wet at the moment

Jason has been trying to do sneaky coats of paint between bouts of rain this weekend.

He's a dedicated man who plays Russian roulette with his paint brush. He's undercoated another side of the deck rails but that will be that until next weekend. We're crossing fingers for drier weather.

Undercoated deck balustrades.
We also removed the lattice panel which used to be near the lattice door.  It has opened up our vista nicely.

I will never complain about Jason's painting ever again after reading about poor Jo from Desire to Inspire, who's going through a painting nightmare.

The contractors she hired to paint her 150 year old Queenslander home, completely ruined her floors (click here to read about it). It is like they vandalised her home, such is the state of the paint work.

It really is just disgraceful and our hearts go out to Jo. (Jason was so angry, he was dreaming up Godfather-like justice on her behalf!)

Anyway, I'm only mentioning it here because I have a few readers who are renovating their homes and I think it serves as a good warning when contracting out work on your home. I know we will be more wary from now on.

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  1. Surely this weather has to pack its bags soon? It is quite exasperating, and I'm not painting anything.

    I did see Jo's floors ... what a shocking disgrace. I certainly hope she makes them pay for them to be restored or she deducts the cost of the restoration from their bill.

    Swear word coming ... (Bastards!)

  2. As I have said before, Jason is a machine!
    I can understand why Jo was gutted about her floors. They're unbelieveable. I think a real key to working with tradies is to learn as much as you can about the job you are getting done, so the tradies are more likely to take the job (and you) seriously. I just can't believe what these cowboys did to her floors.
    ps hopefully there's an email at your end from me :)

  3. looking fantastic. loving the bright white with all the gorgeous greenery behind it.

  4. I'm hearin' ya on the rain, I'm trying to get furniture done for the shop and it's driving me crazy!

  5. I've had jobs turn pear shaped before, but that floor really takes the biscuit.

    Sometimes there are reasons why the lowest quote IS the lowest quote. Out of curiosity, is that the case here?

  6. Poor Jo! I don't know her at all but I'm so sad for her. The frustration and helplessness of it. That's the worst thing about a house - you sometimes have to trust other people and it goes wrong. Plumbers would be top of my hitlist.

  7. Nice to see that Jason is ever determined. We have a carport patiently waiting for its coat of paint... patience is a great quality with this weather!

    I had a look at Jo's floors... dam that was bad. I hope the BSA get to hear about this.


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