Friday, 17 December 2010

For Jane

I feel incredibly sad. This morning I found out that Jane was unwell. I don't really feel like writing what I was intending to blog about this afternoon...

I always try to find sunshine during dark days. It is all about FUN here after all; it says so in the title header.

So, I went through some of my old blog posts for the most hilarious Jane comments. We always look forward to a Jane comment because you know for sure your blog post was worthy!

Here are my favourites:

In response to Julia Gillard becoming PM and about Julia's humble home in Altona:

I personally am pretty excited -a female GG swearing in a female PM I never thought I would live to see the day.
Regardless of what you think of her political leanings and her Coon and Cabana accent.
The house is very Australian isn't it. But much more worrying are her ill fitting suits. We need someone to fix that. Desperately.
But that hair. How I love that deep auburn colour

Her commentary on the $5,000 mouth-blown Poppy lamp I was coveting:

You are like me. I always want the most expensive thing in the room. The thing I like the most about it is the MOUTH blown glass. What other bit of your body would you use to blow the glass I wonder?

On discovering Mr Rooney was not an old fart:

I must be a bit daft but I had this idea in my head of Mr Rooney as a slightly paunchy silver haired middle aged man on the edge of retirement.
I am quite stunned to see his perky form complete with rather nice thighs.
A competitor for Jason.
Forgive me. It has been a long week. Already

When Jason was outed by the press for being "sexy and shirtless":

HA - love it. 'Sexy shirtless behind the scenes glimpses'. Much better than 'creepy overweight beer bellied behind the scenes glimpses'. Go Jason. !! My lord it could be a different kind of blog with a few more images of Jason. The mind boggles. 

Jason doesn't mind to be objectified for a good cause. Photo dedicated to Jane

Comment when Jason returned to his shirtless state after the winter months:

Well it's about time we saw more Topless Jason. I was beginning to notice his laziness and fully dressedness around the house. Good job on the deck. I hate doing that.

When I started blogging, never did I realise that I would encounter such lovely people. People I could classify as friends.

Take care Jane. We are thinking of you and we will be waiting to read your wonderful My Pear Tree House and looking forward to your golden comments when you return. xx

P.S Just Martha from Jelly Shane has come up with a lovely suggestion if you are a fan of Jane (or if you know anyone you care about going through challenging times). Click here to join forces.


  1. What a great post Anita. Jane's comments really are gold. I was shocked to read her news this morning. It's hard to know what to say, but I love what you have done here :)

  2. Fabulous- I too feel a sense of achievement if Jane leaves me a cracking comment! And she's right about the shirtless thing (Jane usually is right....) and that is all I will say on the matter of your husband... !

  3. A moving post, Anita. I have been trying all day to think of how I want to respond to Jane's news. I love your take on it. And good for Martha, too. J x

  4. Lovely post truley are one of the most genuine people I know and I am sure your friend Jane treasures your friendship and loving words, cheers Katherine xx

  5. Anita,

    Jane's news shocked me. I've gone about today doing the usual mundane things, but in the back of my mind there's always been Jane and the mountain she faces. I can't imagine what she's thinking or feeling or even how she's just getting by.

    But everytime I think of her I say a small prayer and know that the support she's getting from everyone like yourself, is enough to get her through this. And when she's though it all, it will be one more thing that amazes me about her.

  6. I have just coaught up on your blog after a few days off air. I don't know Jane but wish her and her family all the strength they need.
    You have been very busy, or should I say Mr Rooney has been very busy. Finally I read your book club post. I am a book clubber too. I checked your list. We have also read The Book Theif, The Slap and Like Water for Elephants. We also have funny animated discussions. We also have the wine flowing freely.

  7. I got very teary this morning when I read Jane's post. I had no idea how to respond to it. It always shocks me how quickly life can turn around. What a brilliant post for Jane though, I'm sure it will make her laugh when she reads it. Good on you Anita. x

  8. It is very sad news. I never know how to express myself with these situations, and words seem inadequate. I can only think thank goodness for the wonders of modern medicine, and with all the support and good will Jane is receiving, she has a lot of healing power and positive energy to channel into getting well, which I firmly believe can move mountains.

  9. The perfect post Anita. You're spot on, a day without one of Jane's comments is like a day without a smooch. They are pure gold.
    Millie x

  10. Thanks for doing this post Anita. I have just been over to Jane's blog and can't quite believe it. Although as I was reading, I really sensed a peace about Jane as she wrote. Perhaps this is shock, as she said, but I hope she takes comfort from the support she has from her many blog friends.

  11. Such a perfect post are amazing..Take care..Kym X

  12. What a beautiful post Anita. She is so eloquent isn't she?! We have just arrived home from a week away in Hong Kong and I was going to try to do a post on our trip but, like you, think I might leave until next year.

    I was shocked when I read Jane's post and feel so totally useless. I will pop over to read what Martha is planning. Thanks for letting me know.

    I hope your have a lovely weekend with your precious family.

    Best wishes always,

  13. Lovely post Anita, I have been to visit Jane - such sad news...

  14. Today my thoughts are with Jane and her family. The children particularly. We must all look to the moon tonight.


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