Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Scouting homes for a TV commercial

It seems the Sow's Ear is destined to be always the bridesmaid.

We were contacted again by Nat Duncan at Queensland Film Locations because our house was shortlisted for another TV commercial. Nat is a location scout for film, television and press.

They were after an older style home to film a Queensland Government community announcement. The Sow's Ear was on the shortlist with four other homes, but the director of the ad chose this place:

A home in Tarragindi.
Notice the retro wall divider and boomerang chair

When Nat called me to say we had missed out, we got to chatting about what producers and directors are looking for when choosing a location. It's really interesting.

She said it is hard to pick but there was a definite leaning, with certain directors, towards homes which have an air of nostalgia. Old fashioned furniture (like ours) and concrete breeze blocks are some of the things which appeal.

breeze block image from here

The Sow's Ear missed out on the pizza ad (a half day backyard shoot) earlier this month. It went to another location which was geographically closer to the production premises, plus it had an original Hills Hoist clothesline. That was what sealed the deal.

Damn our newer green Hills Hoist!!

Newer green Hills hoist
Nostalgia sells, people. Get your retro wares out and think twice before you yank out the old Hills Hoist...


  1. You may need to rank-up your green/brown ratio.

    Though I think your house is fine as it is ... I do like that divider in the top photo.

    And never knew those bricks were called 'breeze blocks' ... I've made a mental note on everything above. As for your Hills Hoist, does it make your clothes happy? That's the main thing.

  2. Bummer. Eventually the bridesmaid gets her chance to walk down the aisle. It woudl be a fun thing to experience. I hope it does happen soon.

  3. What a bummer. Better luck next time :)
    I never knew they were called breeze blocks- you learn something new every day

  4. Damn! I got them to yank out my old hills hoist from my place at Wynnum... Guess mine will never even get to be bridesmaid

    Love your place though...it's fine just the way it is.

  5. Your backyard is as organised as your wonderful pantry.Wish ours was that neat!You've been tagged in a game of "What's to know" Love your posts.

  6. Wow, thats is really interesting. I love our hills hoist, would never part with it :) Your backyard is too cute, its their loss really :)

    Wishing you and your family a fabulous Christmas and a wonderful holiday break :)

    Tamara x

  7. Love the way your backyard looks. It's so neat and tidy!

    I thought everyone replaced the old Hills Hoists! Never mind Anita, your turn will come.

    Pam x

  8. Don't you worry Anita, these minor disappointments mean that the BIG ONE is just around the corner!
    Millie ^_^

  9. There was a magnificent H.H. specimen next door circa 1962 but it was mangled in the 2008 storm. Since then they have become an endangered species out our way....

  10. Our old silver Hills Hoist had to go the way of the skip bin due to the renos. Mind you, it had seen better days as it had a serious lean to the left which I would attribute to some of our past tenants.

    Here's a trivial piece of information for you ... the house we rented in Melbourne was once owned by "The Hills" hoist family! It came complete with bell pull system.

  11. Ah well, another opportunity will present itself.

  12. I wonder if we will ever see posts on 'shabbying' Hills Hoists? Who want to try?

  13. OMG! That was very eerie! The last picture is from my cousin's blog on Australia. I'm sure she will be so pleased to know that she has readers all the way in Arizona! :)

    BTW, love you blog and what you've done with your home! :)

  14. Sometimes the bridemaids are prettier than the bride... personally, I don't know why you would want film crews taking over you house. Does it pay that well?

  15. Vaea,
    She is very pleased to have readers from Arizona!!
    Anita xx :)

  16. How fascinating to get an idea of what producers/directors are looking for. So breeze blocks are in vogue again. Who knew?! Not to mention vintage hills hoists. :)

  17. Anita, I will make it my life's endeavour to get a TVC shot in your home. Hehe!! Almost everyday I have to trawl thru the images on my database and it's always a pleasure to browse The Sow's Ear. TVC's usually pay from $1K - $1.5K per day so I guess it depends if you have the fortitude to see it thru and then collect the pocket money. Anyhoo - stick with it - they are a fickle crowd these Mad Men.


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