Friday, 3 December 2010

The silly season and a mid-century iittala giveaway

Our two eldest boys are now on school holidays. Therefore the silly season has officially begun for us.

They finished at midday today and we spent most of the afternoon decorating the Christmas tree.

We waited for two-year old Son  # 3 to be asleep though. It was peaceful and there was more goodwill to all men, if you know what I'm saying.

Homemade angel peg doll
The tree has moved to the sunroom. It will probably have to be shifted when Mr Rooney fits the new windows.

The wooden decoration is from Eastern Europe - a gift from Jason's Mum.
Ahhh...I love 'Christmassy' things.

I also have an iittala Festivo two ring candleholder to give away to one of my lovely readers.

The candleholders were originally designed in 1966 by Timo Sarpaneva in Finland and are a lovely piece of mid-century glass design.

iittala Festivo candleholder

This one is a spare which I picked up via a seller in Bongaree on Bribie Island.

From Finland to Bongaree to Brisbane to who knows where next...?

To win this magnificent piece of Finnish glass, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post to go into a random draw. It's that simple.

I will mail it anywhere in the world. You don't even have to follow me, but it would be nice if you did...

Anyway, I will draw the winner's name on Monday 6 December 2010 7pm Queensland time.

Good luck!

Oh and don't forget to enter my sponsored Ferrero Rocher Christmas giveaway here. There are some very clever responses so far.


  1. I'd love to win this! My husband's family is Finnish and we'd love to add a Festivo to our Christmas table!

  2. I'd love to win this! My husband's family is Finnish and we'd love to add a Festivo to our Christmas table!

  3. Great! But I have to be able to identify you just in case I get other anonymous entries. Just leave a first name, if that's ok?

  4. Brismod, you'd better count me in. Thank you.

    Your tree looks beautiful ... I like that silver angel as well. We put our green tree up today ... there was definitely not a skerrick of goodwill between men and their mothers while it was being constructed.

  5. So many give aways...your tree is so lovely, the angel is very clever. I love how christmas trees can become a history of a family with ornaments that are remembered each year for their specialness, be it that they were made by someone or given by someone....these are my favourite trees and I love knowing the stories behind each ornament. When my boys were little they loved to have discussions about whose ornaments belonged to which family member and we always laugh that the ones with bite marks were Chauncy's... cheers Katherine

  6. I agree christmassy things are lovely, especially those that are cherished and hold sentimental value. Enjoy the Christmas holidays with your boys. I'm so glad I did my 'shop' last night. Phew!

  7. Another Christmas giveaway. Yipee!!!! I'm in regular negotiations with Mum at the moment in regards to putting up a tree in the house. For some reason she's hesitant to put it up with me around? I can't imagine why!?!?! Anyway, pleeeeeaaaasssee count me in. Merry Christmas. Love Ana xxx

  8. I weakened and let them put it up last week end. They decorated it, each other and the baby and, strangely, it was the most good will I had seen between brother and sister for some time! Why aren't you adding the glass to your collection?

  9. What a great giveaway, count me in! :-)

    Your tree looks lovely in the sunroom (typing that makes me wish we had a sunroom, or sun, for that matter!)

  10. You would have loved my recent trip to Chicago seeing all of the Frank Llyod Wright homes and the incredible mid century designs. It was all so well designed and thought out, and of course still relevant today.

    What a lovely unique giveaway.

  11. Hi Annie, I've already two of the same and it's good to share iittala and cool design. Thanks for entering. xx

  12. Count me in. Love your tree. I agree about the goodwill to all men. I feel there is a lot more around when my son is sleeping too!! xo

  13. Your tree looks wonderful! Love the angel decoration!
    I'd love to be counted in for your giveaway - very very nice!!

  14. That's a gorgeous little candle holder. Your tree looks so pretty!
    I am a follower all the way from Canada.
    Have a good weekend!

  15. You have definitely inspired me to sort our tree out now. We have been flat out with work for the last month and trying to finish up for next week so our house is looking a bit bare and unloved for Christmas :( Thanks for inspiring me to get festive this weekend. Have fun, Lisa

  16. I just love how all the things that I thought cringe-worthy as a child (red spanish bulls, german pottery, 60's teak furniture, coloured glass, etc) has done a bit 180 for me ... well, perhaps not the red spanish bulls ;-)

  17. I remember that for your last giveaway you remarked that our chances of winning were very high - could you please confirm that this is still the case?

  18. Mise, the pool is small so your odds are looking very good. xx


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