Thursday, 30 December 2010

Deck repaired

The section of wood rot on the deck rails is now repaired.

Jason replaced the rotted bottom rail on Christmas Eve and today he replaced the rotted timber balustrades.

Before Mr Rooney, our vacationing builder, came on the scene, Jason would never have dreamed to replace balustrades by himself. 

The weekends he's spent with Mr Rooney working on the Sow's Ear has certainly given him more confidence to tackle jobs like this. 

I wasn't that keen on him doing it just in case he stuffed it up and we'd have to board up the dangerous gaping hole on our very high deck. She of little faith...

He's done a splendid job. What do you reckon, Mr Rooney? I know you're reading...Is very nice?

Jason painting the deck rails

A reminder of what the wood rot looked like after we inadvertently water blasted it with the power washer.

Painted deck balustrades on a Queenslander
 Jason's been busy with his paint brush. He told me he's developed calluses on his fingers. Sadly, there is more to do.

Our master bedroom is progressing nicely too. One final coat is needed on the VJs in this section only.
The next project is to remove the wardrobe doors and paint those in stages. Fun, fun, fun!

Jason painting the frame of the wardrobe

All in all, it has been a highly productive festive season at the Sow's Ear.


  1. It's beautiful. Just one small thing... oh no, it's too small to mention really, but the spacing is ever so fractionally out... no - it really doesn't matter. (This is why I write under a false name - for fear of Jason coming round to unblock my drains!)

  2. Didn't recognise Jason with his shirt on.

  3. Tom, you do realise that Jason is OCD and the timber will be ripped off and thrown off the deck in a fit of rage. (I told him they looked out too, for the record and then promptly shut my mouth. Sshh!)

    MMMC, Jason got sunburnt yesterday. Hmmmm...he's been told the shirtless gig is curtailed for indoor activities only.

  4. Wow it seems you've made alot of progress lately. The balustrades look fantastic. Jason should be deservedly chuffed with himself, and Mr Rooney too in his talented prodigy. :)

  5. The balustrade looks great!
    The sight of those unpainted wardrobe doors made me *shudder*, only because I have had 6 full-length plantation shutters sitting in the garage waiting for a paint brush for waaaay too long. Every time I plan to attack them I seem to get distracted!

  6. so..much...painting.

    It's going to be fantastic!

  7. Too bad you can't clone him. He did an excellent job. I didn't even notice the spacing.

  8. It's all looking fantastic Anita. I don't envy Jason having to paint those wardrobe doors though :)
    Off the subject, but the roof on the house opposite yours makes me feel not quite so bad about our dodgy roof! I have to admit to being jealous of people who have nice roofs :)
    Have a good new years x

  9. wow if you re not careful it wont be a sows ear anymore! its looking so good
    all the best for a happy year ahead

  10. Everything's coming together beautifully ... you put my own house to shame! ;)

    Happy new year!


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