Thursday, 23 December 2010

White Christmas

My blood was boiling this morning when I read an email, forwarded by an in-law, that I normally would've deleted. But stupid me read it. What was I thinking?

The title was "Being proud to be White".

It is utter shite that doesn't deserve to be repeated; no doubt originally created to propagate racial hatred. And forwarded by simpletons who have little understanding of the intent of such an email.

You probably know the type of email I'm talking about and if you don't, consider yourself lucky.

The in-law who sent it is disappointingly ignorant. Clearly. Because you wouldn't send such a thing to someone who has my ethnic background; an eclectic melange of the world!

I wrote a reply and thankfully I didn't send it because it was written in anger.

I've gotten over the anger. There is no point wasting energy over it. And if I take a cold hard look at myself, I am not without my own prejudices...although white supremacist, I am not!!

Jason told me to block the sender's emails in future. There is no easy way of telling someone close they are a racist and that they should know better...unless they read this blog...


  1. oh I know what you mean - when we were living in FNQ in a 97% indigenous community I found it particularly painful as it showed so little insight !! into life love and all - good on you for blocking :) and remember we can't choose our rellies :) hugs le

  2. Block, block, block...You know what they say about friends and relatives... Deep breath and have a fantastic Christmas. Looking forward to more scintillating stories and photos...

  3. You go girl. Go forth and block, you have our blessing. Block and get on with all the fun stuff of preparing for the big day. Deb

  4. Brismod,
    I could imagine how infuriated you are at such a display of ugliness and ignorance.

    You show a lot of restraint, which demonstrates you're a better person than whomever sent you the email in the first place.

    I hope your post allowed you to vent some more anger.

    Block them!

  5. Holy ****! I just feel sick. As you know people say ignorant and hurtful things to me about lotte all the time so I should not be surprised but ignorance and hatefulness always still shocks me. I had to read it twice...I was like " did I just read that right? Or was i imagining things?" I feel for both you and for Jason, he must be so angry! It makes me so sad that people can be so so unbelievably ignorant and just hateful. I also know that like you say it is best not respond in anger as in doing so we take on the hate that they have in their hearts and thankfully we have chosen a different path in life. Love Katherine xx ps Now I am off to scream into a pillow and then make a drink xx

  6. I absolutely hate stuff like that. People think they're either being funny or not racist at all...BUT THEY ARE!

    Block them...they're not worth losing any sleep over. They are ignorant and don't deserve your friendship

  7. Hey honey, there is so much ignorance in the world it can be overwhelming sometimes. Let it go..focus on the good stuff now..Merry Christmas, will catch up with you in the New Year..Love Rachaelxx

  8. Wow you show such mature restraint. I indeed received an email like this from an in-law and ended up having an email back and forth as I felt compelled to say something. I was furious and trying to reason at the ludicrousy of the email. It was one about the guy from Seinfeld. Anyway, my words fell on deaf ears and this man openly declares to be selectively racist. I've ZERO tolerance for this thing and it makes my blood boil!! Ignorance in this day and age never fails to astound me.

  9. Oh my gosh, how tactless. I must be a little naive as I haven't come across the sort of email you talk about. That seems like a good thing :)

  10. I commend your thoughts. Being "not white" I am prone to prejudices and often just shrug it off as I feel I am but a visitor here. So I'm impress you shared your experience and your opinions about it. Merry Christmas!

  11. Blimey, Bris - what kind of a family have you married into??? (I'm sure your hubby is fine, though...)

  12. I have been know to reply meltingly, "My mother is black..."

  13. I'd say block too. It's not worth having such ignorant and insensitive people in your life. The trouble is, those sort of people can wound when they shouldn't be given a second thought, and they're so thick skinned, you can't reason with them. Just think of him as a stupid tool and move on. Have a wonderful Christmas - I do love reading your blog.

  14. Deep breath then slowly release... Block your email and move forward... Life is just too short and precious. Have a lovely Xmas. Lisa

  15. I see ignorance as something to pity. I despise racism. I grew up in Nairobi and was picked on by the African kids and it was awful. But I see how much people were racist to them and I see where it came from.

    You could just email back and say, "please don;t email me this crap, I find it offensive."

  16. It upsets me so much. I'm sad you had to read it :(

    I'm with Razmataz, I would definitely email back and request they don't send you that type of offensive garbage.


  17. If all humans would remember,that beneath different skin colour, hair type, eye shape etc. we are phyically and mentally the SAME!We all want to be loved and accepted by those around us and we all crave PEACE!!Ignore it and rise above that dribble and celebrate now with your loved ones.

  18. Sorry for the rant. I'm calmer about the whole thing now. Thanks for all your understanding comments.

    We have asked for the emails to be stopped but apparently that wasn't made clear enough! So blocking is the only way.

    Sonia, it was that Seinfeld email which has been circulating for years but which I saw yesterday. It is completely bogus according to urban myths. It is just racist propaganda which silly people fall for and then circulate.

  19. Sorry I'm so late reading this post. What a horrible thing to happen before Christmas. Hearing things like this just makes my skin crawl. But how wonderful is it to read from all these posts how horrified so many people are by this. Equality will win!!!!!!


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