Wednesday, 22 December 2010

In the garden: Rheo and herbs

There are benefits to this incessant rain we've been having in Brisbane...

Here are a few random shots of plant life at the Sow's Ear:

Rheo plants under the water tank
I had lots of Rheo plants (oyster plants) cascading over the garden bed in our front yard. Last week I planted the excess around the rainwater tank which had previously been scatty with weeds.

Rheos are a native succulent of Mexico and are a ridiculously simple but interesting ground cover. They look after themselves which make them a good choice for the lazy gardener like me. They do have a weed like tendency, so I think they'll be okay in the contained space near the tank.

I love the purple underside of its leaves.
Herb garden in an old laundry tub
My herbs which I planted a few months ago have done exceptionally well. The only casualty was basil. And the coriander is now finished.

The mint and parsley have been fantastic for Moroccan inspired meals (thanks to a Nigella Lawson recipe book). A leg of lamb rubbed with ras-el-hanout and roasted until tender served with a simple salad of chopped mint and parsley, thin slivers of red onion and then tossed in lemon juice...deliriously yum!

The sage has been fabulous for roast chickens and last Sunday for the in-law Christmas dinner, I baked a large turkey stuffed with traditional sage stuffing. It was Good. Take note of the capital G.

Dracaena in a bullet planter
And speaking of stuffing, I stuffed my new anodised bullet planter with a Dracaena cutting. I'm not sure how it will survive but the disco blue tinsel and silver baubles might help disguise its death...festive, isn't it?


  1. My mouth was watering when you were describing that lamb feast!

  2. The garden is looking seriously GOOD too!

    Have a happy and safe Chrissy....


  3. After reading of the rain everyone else has been receiving in Australia, we finally got our downpour here in Perth on Monday which I was very pleased to see for my garden's sake. YOur garden is looking lovely and green, especially your herbs. That turkey sounded delicious!

  4. Your garden is looking seriously Great. I'm not familiar with Rheo at all but it looks fantastic, all so lush. Bit jealous that you have a water tank :)
    I agree, the blue tinsel is very festive and despite what they say, blue and green should always be seen!

  5. Rheo ... looks great under the tank. The garden looks wonderful. Such an industrious family - can't paint, must garden!

    And YUM! You sound like a wonderful cook! Fabulous to get your herbs straight from the garden ... and not a bush turkey in sight to destroy it all!

  6. Very festive, you are quite the green thumbs there at the Sow's ear.

  7. The Sow's ear garden looks great, love that rheo! You will have a Silk Purse before you know it :>)

  8. Looking good Brismod.

    We're off tomorrow morning but should be back for New Year's. There's a big do at Ramsey Street.Are you going?

    I heard tell there is to be a Venezulean BBQ!

    All the best for you and yours for Christmas.

    Love, the Rooney's

  9. I adore your anodised planter. May I borrow it to upcycle into a hat for Christmas?

  10. No you can't, Mise - I've already bagged it for a BBQ next summer.

  11. Can't believe how healthy your sage looks! Mine is always savaged by grasshoppers who seem to jump in from nowhere!
    Pam x

  12. Merry Christmas to you and your family, your garden is thriving with all this rain. All the very best for the New Year and look forward to your renovating photos in 2011. Sandy xx

  13. Thanks for the nice comments about our garden everyone!

    Tom and Mise, there have been many suggestions for that anodised planter - champagne bucket, bbq, hat and who knows what else...bird bath? I should run a competition. x

    Merry Christmas Rooney family. Drive safely and see you in the New Year. x

    Thanks Sandy. Merry Christmas to you too. x


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