Monday, 12 October 2009

Bedroom - #1 Son

French doors with a glimpse of a spider droid in the foreground

Number 1 Son (his birth order and not blatant favouritism) has a room to himself. He probably has the nicest bedroom in the Sow's Ear because it is near the back with a set of French doors opening onto the deck. And I mean nice in terms of aspect and situation. It is, in fact, the bedroom in the poorest condition.

The water damage on the vjs

The VJ walls have suffered some water damage; the paint work is particularly flakey - filo pastry in texture (if you are like me and imagine only in food analogy). The original wide pine floor boards are mostly in excellent condition.The thinner pine replacement boards which are found randomly in the room (we think termites made a meal of the missing wide boards) seem to have a little more spring in them than required.

It is the smallest of all the bedrooms, however the high ceiling certainly gives the space a capacious feel. Number 1, who is seven years old, can fit a king single bed and good size desk in his room. There is also a narrow built-in cupboard with again just hanging space for his clothes.

Another ugly cupboard

Due to its poor condition, this bedroom will be the first to be re-painted and repaired.

Number 1 is asking for colour on the walls. Blue. that has put a spanner in the works of the simple white house plan.


  1. Your house has soooo much potential. Is your mind just swimming with ideas? Has he wanted blue for a while now? I know with my girls, if I leave it a week and ask again, they've changed their minds!

  2. Hi Ange. The house does have potential... He has wanted blue for a while...but I want the room to grow with him rather than date straight away. As you know, kids can be fickle.
    I'd rather have accessories (art work,bedding etc) with colour rather than the walls.

  3. I love the room, can't wait to see what you do with it!

  4. I'd love to see it in a really strong Navy. But if you're opposed, maybe you could hang a gigantic canvas and you two could create your own artwork together, using as much blue as you please?

  5. Why S? have you been reading my mind? Strong navy is the only blue I would/could do. Whether the decorating committee will agree to this is another matter...


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