Thursday, 29 October 2009

Spooky – what lurks beneath.

We have a dungeon.

Well, not really a dungeon, but it looks dungeon-like and that must count for something. It is actually the brick cavity underneath the front external stairs. I know - not exactly à la Fritzl, sorry to disappoint.

Jason dubbed it the “naughty” dungeon which amuses the boys greatly. Those kids have such rampant imaginations – I’ve been told that there is a pair of eyes which stare out from the bricks.

the naughty dungeon
Under the Sow’s Ear is kind of spooky. Somehow knowing that the last owner of the house was a Funeral Director plays a big part to this vibe. And of course, Boo Radley’s house next door which is abandoned and boarded up doesn’t help (it gives me the creeps, especially when the crows circle Boo’s house).


My laundry is down under here. We have a spare room, toilet and Jason’s car is parked there too. There is also a heap of rubbish to clear from when we moved and the kitchen renovation.

garage doors

The Sow’s Ear has great potential to be raised and built in underneath, but as I mentioned in a previous post it will fill with water during a rain storm. For now, we have sufficient space upstairs for our young family of five. Perhaps when the boys are older, we can re-visit this proposition.


  1. Great Halloween inspired post -Ha Ha! Just wanted to let you know that I have given you an "award." Hope you don't mind being tagged? Come over and see...
    Best wishes always, NM.

  2. "eyes out of the bricks" ...very appropriate for halloween.

  3. What about water tanks? Or maybe you don't need in Qld.. I think its a great spot for a laundry that way you can have a really big one. Also, wine cellar of course. Don't fill it in ! Use the space xoxo

  4. It could be great to have unused spaces with potential. I am so envious. European homes are tiny compared to American and Australian homes. Hope you will be able to find some great use of the space. Also enjoyed the story of your house :-)
    Have a nice day,

  5. I love the way boys realish anything on the spooky side, great fun, cheers Katherine

  6. You need to put a 'This Space is Reserved' sign up here. It will make a great retreat for teenagers - believe me you'll need one!
    Millie ^_^


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