Monday, 5 October 2009

How could you?

Sidedoor knob in sunroom
Window handles in the sunroom

Although Jason and I differ on a range of topics (brass vs. chrome, Queenslander vs. modernist, reproduction vs. old), there is one thing we always agree on in terms of renovating – painting over light switches, door knobs, hinges, window hardware and glass is unacceptable.

The Sow’s Ear is the third house we have owned – and this poor house has been over-painted to within an inch of its life. Nothing was spared in the Sow’s Ear and I mean nothing - brass, chrome, nickel, plastic and glass.

What is it with people who paint over stuff like light switches? We just don’t understand it.

Each night at the dinner table, I gaze forlornly at the seven sets of windows with their handles and cock spurs painted in an unfortunate shade of vanilla custard gloss paint. Luckily these windows will eventually be replaced to match the original window profile in the Sow's Ear. Sadly, that will be later rather than sooner...

Jason is very keen to replace all the original door knobs. I said "over my dead body". This may not be the house of my dreams, but it does have a lot of character which are in its original features.

So the ironic twist to this tale is that as a temporary fix we have painted over the door knobs in a gloss black to contrast the sharp white we have painted the vjs. I know, I know - it's not ideal.

Do you think when we move on from this house someone will rant about the black painted door knobs?

Study door knob


  1. If you ask me...the black is a huge improvement, you didn't have many options did you and if it's just temporary.... I admit to being a bit paint happy but, like you, never over handles!. I have to strip paint off all the hinges on all the doors in the house,argh, I keep putting it off and wondering if it would be easier just to replace them all.

  2. it is a crime, but many renovators have not idea about actual restoration - clueless! And yes, it's legal! thanks for saying hello on my blog, I always love to hear from a fellow Aussie!

  3. This looks awful, but believe me people do thing like that and even worse. I have been living in 5 different houses so far and I have seen a lot of ugly things..
    Thanks for your comment on my little detox project and I will be considering your idea!! Have a nice day! Monika

  4. I hate to see handles and hardware painted as well! I have a lot of work to do in my new old house!

    One of the most amazing things I'm grateful for is that no one painted my brick fireplace, or inside the all wood closets! Considering my house is 101 years old, that is a miracle that no one got 'paint happy'!

  5. I have big workable locks on some of our old doors and most of them have been painted over ... aaaahhhhhhh!!!! Why oh why?


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