Wednesday, 21 October 2009

iittala and kookaburras

Simple, lustrous, transparent. Glass.

I love glass and crystal. I alway have. As a child I would marvel at the beauty of a footed turquoise bon bon dish that used to sit in my Mum's china cabinet (it now sits proudly on my kitchen shelf). Even now, I could easily spend hours in shops looking at just glassware and vases. Sad but true.

My brother recently went to a garage sale. The people having the garage sale were moving overseas and were getting rid of everything. I think he bought a washing machine and a few other bits and the people also gave him a big box of crockery and glassware which he passed on to my Mum.

I was helping her sort through it and imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon these beauties.

iittala Ultima Thule dessert bowls

iittala. Finnish crystal. Ultima Thule bowls, designed by Tapio Wirkkala in 1968, with a textured ice-like design - inspired by Finalnd's Arctic landscape.

I 've always admired iittala but I never could justify buying it for myself. They are gorgeous and I like that they were free! But really, who would give away their good crystal to a complete stranger??

The kookaburras were unexpected breakfast guests yesterday morning. Usually we have one that sits on the clothes line, but this time it got bold and brought along his mate. Funny things. They weren't even afraid.

Kookaburras on the back deck

Number 3 son making friends


  1. How incredible to have those kookaburras right there on your deck. They must love you and your family!
    Bets wishes, NM.

  2. The birds are lovely! I am sure your son enjoyed his breakfast in their company. And you had great luck with the glasses! Have a nice day, Monika

  3. Hi NM and Monika. Thanks - we were surprised the birds stayed so long for me to get my camera! xx


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