Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cupboard happiness

It's amazing what a difference three extra shelves can make to your life.

Jason finished the inside of the linen/broom cupboard - I can now store my bedsheets/bedspreads, the boys can easily help themselves to a towel and the loo paper has finally found a home conveniently located near the bathroom.

To top if off, there is now free shelf space in our own built-in cupboard for our clothes.

Cheers to shelves and less clutter!


  1. Now that is an organised cupboard! What a nifty way to store the iron too. Well done, NM.
    PS you have exquisite taste when it comes to kitchens...:)

  2. Looks great, and so organized!

    I am lucky, my new/old house has the most amazing hall closet. It's large enough for a lot of my linens, and also all my girly products. I have a large abundance of hair products, lotions, etc.

  3. Looks very neat, I like how colorful it is.

  4. Hi Anita! Bravo! Your hubby did an awesome job! Looks so nice & neat! I bet you just look at it & say... Ahhhhh....

    Hope you guys have a great week! Hugs ~ Teresa


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