Friday, 23 October 2009

Doors wide shut

Bow in the double lattice deck doors. Notice the overlap at the top when it is closed!

There has been a noticeable drop or bow in quite a few doors in the Sow’s Ear - the front door, the back deck lattice door and also the French doors leading out to the deck. They are not staying shut. Poor Jason is at his wits end, re-adjusting locks so that the doors stay shut. Is there anything more exasperating than a door that doesn’t catch when closed?

Brisbane weather is bone dry at the moment and I guess the wood in the house is shrinking making the doors drop. Who knows?

Even some of the newly painted VJs are splitting ever so slightly. (It’s true what they say about Queenslanders – as soon as you have finished painting the last room in the house, it’s time to start all over again!)

Perhaps a good old downpour is what we need to swell all that wood. And then we probably won’t be able to get the doors open...

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  1. Oh dear Anita, how frustrating. We sold our lovely 100 year old villa just in time, it was needed so much work. We've had new and newish homes since and although miss all the character we don't miss the maintenance. Feeling your pain!


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