Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Not so enlightening

Pendant light in the lounge room - I actually don't mind it but the orange light it emits is hard to get used to. It looks original and seems to be made of painted shell.

As I am chronicling the "before" shots of all the rooms in anticipation for the "happily ever after" shots, I couldn't resist taking photos of the lighting situation in the Sow's Ear. It is definitely a situation!

It seems light and mood was ignored in this sad little home.

Bathroom light shade - this is an old glass shade with bakelite fitting

And I don't think I have improved matters either, since we had the Climate Smart Home Service electrician come to the house.

Sadly, this sits above our dining room table.

(For those who do not reside in Queensland, this service is a State Government initiative to help reduce energy consumption. For $50 an electrician replaces up to 15 incandescent lightbulbs with compact flourescent bulbs, fits a water-wise showerhead and supplies a wireless energy monitor which tells you how much energy you are using - the $50 is then refundable via a grant through your local council.)

Well, we had all the bulbs replaced - and they are butt ugly! Especially with the style of lighting here. As evil as incandescent bulbs have become, they were kind of discrete.

Study light. What can one say?

Fortunately, I can console myself that I am saving the planet from needless carbon emmissions. A shame it just accentuated the ugliness of the light fittings.

Light in the entry

Master bedroom light fitting.  This light is really appalling when I view this picture! The ceiling rose is divine though.


  1. Hi there - I have FINALLY Got around to checking out your blog! I loathe those light bulbs surely surely they can come up with a more attractive shape and the light they emit is foul, really bright and white. Anyway thats my rant for the day xoxo

  2. WOW, this is a really eclectic collection!! The ceiling rose looks delightful!

  3. I have a light fitting in our toilet that would rival some of those! When we first bought the house (22 months ago) I said it would be the first thing to go...it's still there. Wish hubby was an electrician, would save us alot of $ but instead, as a uni lecturer in maths ed, he can tell me how much the eclectrician is charging per second!

  4. I bet you could sell some of these on E-bay & make a mint! Retro! Especially the Capiz shell one! Love the ceiling rose! They are beautiful! I read up on those bulbs..They may save us from carbon emissions.. Just don't ever drop & break one! You have to wear a hazard suit because of the mercury! Scary! We have them in our house & our stores just started to carry the shorter version.. Still ugly but don't stick out quite as far. I'm putting you on my blog roll instead of just following... Somehow I keep missing your posts!
    Hope you have a Great week ~ Teresa

  5. Being the Eco Vandals that we are, I did surprise everyone & try these. Yuk they are horrible. So MOTH found some halogen globes at the Hardware Store that conserve a little more emissions & are much nicer to deal with. I figure until industry stops pumping out their billions of litres of gas, I won't stress over not doing our teeny tiny bit for a while.
    Millie ^_^

  6. I don't understand why it's so hard to make an eco-friendly lightbulb that isn't that hideous coil shape and that emits a humane and pleasant light? It can't really be that difficult, can it? Why doesn't science spend a few minutes thinking about that instead of bombing the moon looking for water?

    And I agree with the comment that you could sell some of those fixtures on ebay. Easily.


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