Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Alfred Shaheen frock

My friend Susan is enamoured with all things Alfred Shaheen. It's her must-have vintage dress label of the moment.

Alfred Shaheen was a Hawaiian textile designer who pioneered the Aloha shirt. His fabrics are a meld of tropical chic and mid-century style. I've been looking on ebay and I must say there are some very cool dresses out there sporting the Shaheen label. Love them.

Susan was most proud of her new vintage frock when she wore it on the weekend. She was hosting a movie night - a viewing of The Party - and I asked her to pose for some photos.

mod style Alfred Shaheen dress

Shaheen signature
And for those who haven't seen The Party before, check out the old trailer here:


  1. Groovy. Did you dress up too?

  2. Love the movie, not surprising I guess when you have a child named after one of his other famous characters. The dress is lovely. Do you know the story of the lead actress in the movie? You should goggle her, she had an interesting life to say the least.

  3. Fab dress ... she wears it well too.
    Anonymous Natalie

  4. The Party is a brilliant movie!! And the dress is super-cute too.

  5. The Party is one of my all-time favourite movies. I love every aspect of it! So funny, and such a great house all those sliding bars and sunken lounges.

    I must say I'm rather taken with Susan's dress. The pattern is fab! Good on her!

  6. Very groovy dress, it suits her.


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