Thursday, 15 March 2012

Exquisite Monte Lupo art sculpture and Jason has a new look

Brisbane has some of the best kept secrets such as the Monte Lupo art store in 269 Padstow Road in Eight Mile Plains. It is where the most exquisite Outsider Art is produced. I believe many of the ceramic works are created and fired on site. It is seriously a visual feast for a ceramic lover's eyes.

I went to the store this morning after a brief visit in the back rooms and art studio with a friend of mine (she used to be a teacher for one of their arts programs). The work that I saw in production was truly amazing - the intricacy and the detailing of the art work is of an exceptional quality. What astounds me is that it is all produced in sleepy old Brisbane. Aren't we lucky to have this on our doorstep? You can read more about Monte Lupo here.

I know that I will be visiting again to purchase something. It is really that good.

This is a Garden Dweller. She is the most exquisite garden sculpture I have ever seen. I want one.

This is another garden sculpture which is left over from a recent art exhibition. The detail of this piece is unbelievable.

The studio also produces the most delightful blue and white pottery which is so timeless

A small whimsical sculpture
If you love colour and art, you should visit the store.

And to change the subject completely...

Jason has a new look. He offered his head at work for the Shave for a Cure to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation, but was flatly rejected...because he is already bald. He was however asked to show support through 'reverse baldness' for the entire day. So, in his very best Scarlett Johansson leaked phone images pose, I give you the new Jason.

It would've been far more effective if he was shirtless, however he would've been up for sexual  harassment in the workplace!!


  1. I have no idea where this is but would love to see it close up. She is a garden darling! Which one were you going to buy?

  2. The big sculptures are dear, but there were a number of smaller garden pieces which were in my imaginary budget. I had the little one with me, so I couldn't look seriously. That is why I will visit again when he's at kindy. I may get a small circus dude too.xx

  3. I know a tattooist in Glastonbury with hair exactly like that.

  4. This looks amazing and I had never heard of it. The colours and pattersn are beautiful, I can't wait to ditch the kidlets and have a chance to sneak down and have a look.Good work for Jason too, I think he needs to at least leave his top 3 buttons undone though. melx

  5. How much would Jason charge per day to be a living garden sculpture in his lovely wig?

  6. What a pity, I was just about to make an enquiry to Monte Lupo about purchasing the stunningly realistic sculpture with the pink hair to brighten up a corner of my Melbourne garden, and then I read the last bit of your posting.

  7. Ha! Jason has always had male model aspirations so I guess garden sculpture is a close second. The best part about it is that he would probably paint your garden pergola and weed your garden beds. xx

  8. Volunteering to shave his head when it's already bald, ha!.....thanks for the laugh first thing in the morn! The pink wig/suit combo is awesome, like a business-y stripper.

  9. not many men could carry that look, but wow, jason owns it!!

    love the little one with the moneky on her head - they're really cool.

    have a great weekend darl xx

  10. I'm too sexy for this blog .... le xox

  11. ps I mean Jas of course :)

  12. Bwaaa haa haaa! He looks gorrrrrrrgeous, darling! I thought for a minute he was another sculpture! LOL!

  13. I can see a lady garden dweller in your yard; a friend for your olive oil pot plant. Stunning sculptures. I love a surprise element in a garden.


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