Thursday, 1 March 2012

What's been happening?

Not a lot of renovating has been happening at the Sow's Ear. Jason's taking a break, which is a very good thing...but not so good when the blog is based on renovating! But he's starting to get restless, so I imagine he will get back into it this weekend.

New garage door handle

In big news our garage door has a new handle. Try to contain's all I've got reno-wise this week.

Arabia jam pots and Figgjo salt and pepper shakers

I've been satisfying some of my thrifty and not so thrifty Scandinavian ceramic urges. A new Arabia apple jam pot has been added to my collection and I also scored a set of Figgjo Market salt and pepper shakers. I use the jam pots to store spices and tea bags. Such simple things bring great joy.

German wine roemer goblets. They've got a great retro shape

I also picked up two German wine goblets at my local op shop. A friend of mine is collecting them so they will go directly to her.

Don't you love what other people collect?


  1. Simple things can bring such pleasure can't they? I have two paintings which I could stare at all day, even though I've seen them almost every day for the last 35 years. I never tire of them.

    I do like your bee pot. I haven't seen one of those before.

    And I also love seeing what people collect. Fascinating and inspiring.


  2. Love those jam pots!! What great canisters! x

  3. I love your salt and peppers! I love look at what others collect too. Hope Jason's up to par soon.

  4. I gave my mum a set of those salt and pepper shakers from the oppy. She said they were not real and then chipped one. I was a little peeved. Our reno stalled when the big fella went back to work. There will be half painted walls till Easter I predict. Sometimes it would just be nice to project manage a gang of trades instead of one beloved.

  5. I love seeing what other people collect. I'm into vintage sewing patterns. I really like their "oldness" but they're something MONT just doesn't get and he's offered more than once to clean up for me and "turf" them. He knows his life wouldn't be worth living if he did though lol

  6. Two arabia's just came through my door today, but I have my eye on your bee pot!

  7. What? The blog is based on renovating? I thought it was based on the mysterious, shadowy figure of Jason, DIYaholic and shirt connoisseur, who never speaks directly to his public but rather communicates via VJs.

  8. Oh those German wine glasses have brought back lots of memories - my German grandfather used to have a glass of wine (or three) with his dinner every night in Munich in a glass exactly like that. I hadn't thought of them for years and all of a sudden I feel as if those days were just yesterday. Fx

  9. Luuuuurrrrve the door handle. Every little bit counts.

  10. Love all your purchases. You have great taste. So true about the little things bringing great joy. Loving that garage door handle sick. A-M xx

  11. I grew up eating from a Lottie dinner set. That's the S & P shakers you have only our set was blue. When too many pieces were chipped I made Mum ditch the lot, even the unchipped pieces. I think she has one tray plate left now. Oh if only we knew what would be worthwhile keeping. Not all parents are like yours, Anita.

    Jennifer xx

  12. Love those jam pots! I have a coffee set in a similar style, offloaded by the parents. I love it.

    And your garage door handle is sublime...

  13. wow, you scored good luv!! i've been trying not to look lately, hopefully i'll build up to a big win myself.

    hope you had a great weekend xx


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