Saturday, 3 March 2012

Spring Hill

We were out and about in Spring Hill today.

I haven't been there for a long time and I had forgotten how quaint some of the old colonial Queenslander homes are...especially when juxtaposed with the backdrop of the CBD highrises.

When I think of Spring Hill I think of Jason's poor old Nana who died last year (she lived in Torrington Street for 60 years), the old rickety boarding houses that our old Italian friends owned and Cecilia McNally's Spring Hill Fair. It's a suburb rich in character and history.

Here are some photos of a few old house near Water Street.

Colonial style workers cottage with pyramid roof.  No front stairs to be seen.

Timber and tin cottage

Pyramid roof workers cottage with modern extension on the back

These interwar Queenslander homes were in the next block to the colonial homes.
Twins separated at birth. The house on the left is completely neglected and run down, while its twin has been raised and renovated to within an inch of its life.


  1. I love those workers cottages, they have such character! There is such diversity in the amount of care each house has received over the years. It's sad to see the dilapidated little houses sitting there in such a prime position only to be neglected and inhabited by squatters or backpackers.

  2. Those run down houses look so sad. They need a touch of Jason.

  3. There is really something about these homes that Melbourne architecture lacks, I would love to see them rise again though.....I would trade my brick veneer!

  4. I love Spring Hill. I particularly love the old bath house. The unrestored house, last photo is a beauty.

  5. Best thing about going to an obstetrician is getting to drive around Spring Hill looking for a park. That is my opinion anyway.

    We have an unrestored Queenslander, just like that bottom photo, a few doors down from us ... someone lives there. I've always wondered what it looks like inside. It freaks the children out!

  6. Thank goodness my place doesn't need as much work as these! Thanks for coming over and checking out my blog BrisMod.

  7. Gorgeous shots of such history.

    I remember the spring hill fair so well.

    I was a partaker and used to have 2 stalls selling there for years.

    You - have brought back so many memories with this post - thank you.

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog 


  8. I lived for a little while in a grand old place that had been chopped into flats. It was a brilliant time opposite the "Ridge" which, in the 70's was a palatial motel/hotel with a restaurant that served authentic Chicken Kiev, Veal Masala, Tournedos Rossini, Veal Scallopine etc. Our shared household included some of their chefs who used to bring me home lots of treats of the day fresh from the kitchen.I was very spoilt. Guess what! My mother and Cecilia McNally were once friends, then enemies! Tried to talk to Mum about it and it sounds quite not very ladylike what they got up to in the 1950's.

  9. Forgot to mention that the place I lived in was destroyed. Some said it was a fire but I think that it was thoughtlessly disregarded like the old Cloudland. Such a waste of beautiful history.

  10. Love that your Mum was friends and then enemies with the Duchess of Spring Hill, Kathy! Thanks for your comment too. xx

  11. Love the cottages in Spring Hill. Drove through the other day and I am sure I saw some of these that you have photographed. Brisbane history at it's best- and some really untouched for a change.xx

  12. I stumbled on this site looking for historical images of my street (Torrington) in Spring Hill...found my friends house - the big renovated blue one - included on your site! This world is getting smaller and smaller...

    Beware trying to renovate in Spring Hill though, the Petrie Tce and Spring Hill Local Plan is a killer! Unfortunately, the Plan is counterproductive sometimes, and people end up being unable to do any work on their houses. I think there has been many a home owner in these parts that have let their house fall apart rather than deal with the planning restrictions.

    As an interesting aside, the lot next to the blue house once had a nice old house on it. Until, that is, it slipped into a heap while it was being raised!!!!!

  13. Sorry Anonymous, I just found your comment amongst all the spam. Small world as Jason's Nan used to live in number 44 torrington and she lived there for over 50 years. Jason's family may have some shots of the me if you want me to follow up. Cheers


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