Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Not fenced in

For the next little while we will be fence-less. Yes that's right. We are in fence construction mode at the Sow's Ear. 

And it will be the first non-DIY renovating for quite a few months. Hallelujah!

It almost feels decadent watching all the action from the sidelines (from Jason's perspective of course, since I am a sideline dweller anyway). 

It's been suggested to the fence builder, Mr D, to go shirtless to entertain the masses who read Fun and VJs. Mr D was told there is a certain standard to be maintained when contracted to work on the Sow's Ear.  He laughed it off not realising I was serious.

I didn't go so far as to ask for shirtless portrait shots when he quoted for the job, but I think that will be a prerequisite for future building contractors. For the sake of the blog of course.

Here are some shots of the first day's work:
You can see the old fence has been removed.
The skip is being delivered. It was due to arrive first thing this morning...it arrived at midday.
The skip company must operate in the Dubai time zone ie  six hours behind Brisbane time!!

Thick old timber posts which have seen better days

Hmm...I need to weed! 

The old fence is gone.  I can't wait for the new one to be constructed. 


  1. It will look great - and your front garden already looks fantastic - so lush. Look forward to seeing it unfold (and the photos of the shirtless Mr. D of course!)

  2. Yay how exciting. Does this fence dude not realize that he could get a good 12 months of work just by ditching his shirt? Does he not know you have 200 plus women hanging off every blogpost? Tsk, tsk, these tradies need to get with the times. melx

  3. oh yes - more shirtless posts please!!!
    great to see progress on the fence - very pleasing for you.
    cheryl xox.

  4. Well my goodness, doesn't Mr D read your blog???

  5. Oh it's going to be beautiful! A fence is everything! A-M xx

  6. ooh! Those old fence posts would burn a treat in the fireplace!
    It's amazing how easily a good front fence transforms a house. The "dressing" of the Sow's Ear is nearly complete.

  7. Perhaps we should vote for the "shirtless tradie".I was admiring the size of those trees,great privacy.


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