Monday, 5 March 2012

Nice finishing touch...

...except that we haven't really started renovating the bathroom. So maybe this is a nice starting touch instead. We'll eventually get to the bathroom, but in the meantime small token cosmetic changes will have to do. 

Like new shower curtain rings. It is possibly life changing this move from plastic to iron. We've had the new antique finished shower curtain rings for a few weeks and they are doing the trick. And they look just dandy with our 'opulent luxe' shower curtain.

Very luxe until you spot the mouldy spots on the ceiling. I must scrub that ceiling again after all this wet humid weather we've been having. Boo!

antique finish shower curtain rings

They are a nice touch with our nice shower curtain which is faring quite well. 

* I purchased the shower curtain rings online from Gallop Lifestyle here


  1. I love the shower curtain! It's very glam ... I'll only extend my budget to an Ikea one!

    Can you get the mould off the ceiling? I stare at the same everyday and ponder ...

  2. We have an 'authentic' bathroom downstairs which none venture into but the husband. He kind of likes it that way. The curtain is too luxe for us. I may compromise with a less mouldy new Ikea curtain and those funky rings. Do they make a good nice when you swoosh them back?

  3. Very noice :) our bathroom is a disaster but I did splash out on a lovely plastic shower curtain the other day at KMart. In fact the entrance to our shower is like a concrete and fake marble laminex cave, so much so I cut the curtain in half to make it fit, so I get two for the price of one.
    Yours looks so so very good right now :)

  4. The new shower curtain rings look very nice indeed. Good luck with the mould removal.

  5. You have excellent taste! I had the exact same shower curtain and rings in my last house.

    TDM xx

  6. oh and the mould on the ceiling. I washed it with chlorine when the new bathroom went in but it came back xx

  7. I've got that shower curtain - from Freedom? It washes very well and when that invariable Brisbane mould starts appear on the bottom of it it bleaches very well.

  8. Hi! It's Rachael from 'Rachael's Reno' here. Love that shower curtain and the rings are extremely classy! I've never had classy curtain rings. I want to completely renovate my bathroom but will probably have to wait. We'll see how much money is left over after our reno on deck and kitchen. Speaking of which, I've made more posts about our Queenslander reno if you're interested. ( Rachaels extremely eventually bit by bit renovation)

  9. Glad to hear the rings are holding up. I must admit I think of your lovely metal ones when ever I see a nasty plastic set.

  10. Ahhh, just punch a hole in the ceiling, takes out all the moisture. JUST KIDDING! We have a hole in our bathroom ceiling where the dumb old 1960's extractor fan used to be. Man, that thing made more noise than 5 Jumbo jets taking off!
    I do so love the curtain rings. I hate my plastic keep breaking all the time ones but can't seem to find the metal ones I want. I did have cheap metal ones but sadly they rusted! Trick; paint them with clear furniture varnish to stop the rust! ( I found this out much later of course AFTER mine rusted! Gah!)

  11. ahhh just re read your bathroom posts - loving these rings ... will have to see if we end up with some ... best le


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