Saturday, 31 March 2012

New exterior project

There's action aplenty at the Sow's Ear central!

Mr D finished the gates for the fence during the week (I'll show you the photos when we finish painting). We've been really happy with Mr D, particularly as he had big shoes to fill after Mr Rooney, our original builder, moved to to Canberra. 

Jason was so pleased with everything, he's asked Mr D to stay on with us to do more work. This will involve weatherboarding the whole downstairs area of the Sow's Ear. It used to be clad in fibro (some bad ass asbestos fibro and some new good stuff). We organised its removal a few days ago, so it is now all safe and clear for re-cladding next week.

I forgot to take some photos of the area to be be re-clad but will make sure I do that tomorrow to show you what it looks like.

You can see the glimpse of the new gates. We plan to finish painting the fence over the Easter weekend. And we were getting all our timber weatherboards delivered this particular day.

This weekend, we (and this is not the royal 'we' for a change...where have I gone wrong?) have been priming the rough sawn hardwood weatherboards, so that they are ready to be installed next week. There's over 100 of the bloody things and no way in the world can Jason paint them all in time by himself. Never fear, Brismod to the rescue...but there will never be any photographic evidence. You'll just have to take my word for it....

Paint Jason, paint! Paint harder.


  1. How about a Bloggers' Meet & Paint? A board each, and refreshments?

  2. I love using "we" when I talk about home construction/renovation

  3. That is going to look so good. Is Mr D going to do the side stairs too?

  4. Jason is such a treasure isn't he? Out there painting his little heart out ... kind of makes me forgive him for having that girly car ... then again ... maybe not. Enjoy your painting weekend.
    Anonymous Natalie

  5. It's all happening at your place! Can't wait to see the finished gate and the downstairs work. Happy painting. Ange

  6. Are they new boards you are using, or did you manage to surce recycled ones? The hardwood is crazy expensive down here. We haver a few areas outside that are too far gone to repair, so new boards it will be, though I think Lyn has sourced some cheap seconds.
    Your gate looks fab :)

  7. Gosh, I miss a few days and everything's gone on... Glad to hear the car stuff is ok and you weren't too shaken by it. And what about the Mr Rooney move to Canberra? I missed that too.
    The gates and fence look fabulous by the way, I bet you're thrilled.
    I'm still smiling at the comment on your last photo...
    Have a good week.

  8. It's all happening as usual. Love popping over here!

  9. Painting rough sawn wood is completely sucky isn't it? Power through it, looking forward to see this cladding going up. melx

  10. Thanks for your comments everyone!
    Sarah, we bought all the hardwood new. I'm not sure how much they were but they were only about $200 dearer than the pine. We opted hardwood as they will be closer to ground level and less prone to being nibbled by termites. xx


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